The Best Wireless Online Stock Brokers


Talk about an impossible job. It's hard enough to get hooked up with a great online broker, let alone find one that offers top-notch wireless service. Still, it's worth of discussion.


For the time being, my personal choice is TD Ameritrade, but only because I've done 99% of my trading with them. I'm ready to move on a moment's notice if things don't continue uneventfully  in the future.


I should point out that I joined this group back in the mid-1990s when the company was known as Datek. The stock market was so hot and heavy with day traders that even the best online brokers couldn't keep up with the volume, and they were inundated with justified complaints.


I suffered through with Datek all during these years. They'd lose trades and execute trades that I hadn't ordered. Sometimes they were so pitifully slow in order execution that for hours you didn't know they had executed a trade or not. It was awful. I mean, really awful.


Gradually though, things got better. Datek eventually morphed into Ameritrade and Ameritrade was bought by TD Waterhouse.


Most all major brokers offer wireless trading


If you were to visit most any of the top online brokers, you'll find they have some variety of wireless trading, either via some kind of smartphone, like iPhones and Blackberries.  And the list includes Ameritrade, Fidelity, Cybertraders, E-Trade, Schwab, etc. So, if you're satisfied with the breadth of their services, then you'll probably be satisfied with the wireless component, since it comprises such a miniscule portion of their trading platform.


And there are brokers that more or less specialize in wireless trading like ThinkorSwim.


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