Stock Trading Tips

To be honest, I don't place a great deal of value on stock trading tipssince there are virtually an unlimited number of Internet web sites that offer them and still many traders choose to ignore the advice which is so freely given.

Why do you suppose that's true? Well, my hunch is that trading is difficult. And while it's easy to read and understand the cardinal rules of trading, being in possession of these tips is no guarantee of our capacity to live by them.

Take the matter of always setting a sell stop. Great advice, but who among us hasn't ignored this rule and suffered the financial consequences? Still, the real art of learning is repetition. And perhaps if we read these tips just one more time, you'll take them to heart and earn greater rewards in the stock market for your effort.

·          The one-trick ponynarrow minded trading

·          Top three secrets to successful day trading

·          What kind of trader are you, anyway?

·          Making more money tracking advancers versus decliners

·          The perils and profits of extended hours day trading

·          The fallacy of doubling up a losing stock position

·          Pareto’s Law for success stock trading

·          Never hold an overnight loser

·          How to use market orders

·          Betting on the beta

·          When to say “no” to stock trading

·          How to strengthen your stock trading discipline

·          The one “right” trading strategy

·          The contrarian trader

·          Top stock trading books


Got a stock trading tip of your own? Great! let's hear about it. Send me an email and I'll be glad to include in on this page, and yes, with your byline. 


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