Charlie’s FAQs

How long have you been trading?

I started during the halcyon days of the 1990s, when Federal Reserve Chairman Al Greenspan was chastising the market and daytraders in particular about “irrational exuberance” (not that such fanaticism is entirely behind us). That was when you could place your chips on almost any stock connected with the Internet and make a fortune. At least for a few days. Dot-bombs like CMGI, and KTEL come to mind. Sadly and gladly, those days are mostly behind us. And of course, Greenspan knew it couldn’t last long before the rest of us realized it.

What’s your background?

I’m a lifelong media guy. I’ve worked as a journalist for minor and major market television, radio and newspapers. I’ve been a public relations flack and marketing guru, a radio announcer and a magazine and book publisher. And yes, I’ve written a few dozen books.

Is Charlie always on the move?

No. As much as I enjoying visiting exotic new places and losing my luggage in distant ports of call, I also like the tranquility of my own pad. I try to take a new tour every couple of weeks, which means I’m gone 1-2 weeks out of every four. Anything else is overkill. Anything less and you can’t achieve economies of scale.

Where does Charlie call home?

Be it ever so humble, my home is in the suburban Minneapolis suburb of Edina. Of course, that’s in Minnesota where it snows six months a year but temperatures are often above freezing for at least one of the other six months.

Do you make money every day trading stocks?

No. I try hard to do that, but nobody that I know can do that. Still, I earn enough to Runaway for the rest of my life any gal pals I care to lug along with me.

Are you married?

Been there. Done that.


Yes. I have one son, Marty, who's a senior producer for Fallon Worldwide, the Minneapolis-based ad agency. You can blame him for producing those wonderfully insane commercials about "Cat Herders" and "Running with the Squirrels." He's also a sports nut extraordinaire who created the popular mobile sports fan Web site,

How much money do you put in play each day?

I try to put all of my trading funds, $25,000 to $30,000 in trades every day. Sometimes that’s not possible, since stock markets can be fickle as a woman in a shoe store (how’s that for sexist?). No sweat; with power trading, I can boost that number to $120,000 and that’s more than enough to make the kind of money I need (see my page on capital requirements for trading).  

What’s the most difficult part about trading on the road?

I’m not sure yet. Sometimes it’s a drag being in a strange place without having creature comforts readily available. Being able to grab a Coke and tap out; go for a walk in a familiar park, make a sandwich, having dinner or shagging some nubile young tart (just foolin’).

How Can I Contact You?

I welcome feedback, comments, petty bitches and questions. I’m as close as your mouse. You can reach email me at:

Do you have a product, service, destination, a hotel, a city, a country you think Runaway Trader should know about? Maybe you’ve got a wireless-related trading product you think I should review? Email Charlie the Runaway Trader with your thoughts.   

 (If you have a question about the equipment I’m using to make my Great Escape, you may want to check the Charlie’s Gear page first.

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