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Runaway Trader could be an ideal advertising site for the right kind of sponsor. Why? Well first, Runaway Trader matches the essence of the sponsor’s brands and offers a seamless, organic fit for ample, yet unobtrusive product promotion.

Second, Runaway Trader presents the sponsors’ brands in the best possible light---superbly demonstrating the dependable reach of the sponsors’ products and services all over the world.

Finally, sponsors can build a strategic, integrated entertainment marketing program around Runaway Trader that will strengthen and reinforce the messages/communication they already use in their advertising, public relations, retail promotions and online marketing.

Suitable sponsors include:

  •  Major computer manufacturers who make those blazingly fast, lightweight laptop computers and are eager to promote their cutting-edge technologies in new and meaningful ways.

  • Electronic retailers that sell the miracle products and services that make globe-trotting Internet travel a reality.

  • Travel agents, hotels, airlines and adventure travel planners who know an ideal advertising vehicle when they see one.

  • Cell phone makers that have created interactive devices and services that deliver clear and trustworthy wireless.

  •  Makes of hand-held communications devices that hook up thousands of traders to their brokers (to say nothing of the folks back home) with Blackberries, Palm Pilots and the like.

  • Internet Service Providers who tout the reliability and breadth of their services---and now have an entertaining vehicle to prove it!

  • Internet Portals that provide an incredible amount of crucial stock trading information to a growing public hungry for financial news of all kinds: stock futures, corporate news, market indices, even what Ben Bernanke had for breakfast.

  • Wi-Fi Services that are desperate for the commercial vehicle that will open the nation’s eyes to their proliferating services, plus big name technology providers that make the Wi-Fi revolution possible everywhere.

  • Credit Card Companies that live and die by their global reach and international branding, like American Express, MasterCard and Visa, whose slogan is the very epitome of the Runaway Trader Show.

  • Tech-Savvy Online Stock Brokers who are riding the competitive crest of the nation’s growing return to stock markets and are anxious to promote their trusted lines of techno-services.

To find out what it costs to advertise on this site drop Charlie an email.

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